Frequently Asked Questions

What data do you store?
We store your status history for you to view in your daily report.

Only your status will be shared with your team via Slack. We do not share individual applications you use with your team or anyone else.

We care about ensuring your data is private, if you have any questions email us at
What permissions do you need?
Our Mac application only requires the ability pull a URL from Chrome or Safari to determine whether you are on a call or in the flow. Only applications listed on Holopod are analyzed, we do not record or submit URLs from any site to Holopod.

In Slack, we ask for permissions to post messages to you and view information on channels. This is so that our Holopod bot can post messages to you and understand who you are talking with.
How much does this cost?
At the moment we are in public beta and only charge you time providing us feedback.

We will be planning to introduce pricing to ensure this service is sustainable and continues to help remote teams.
Can I request something?
If we don't have something you were looking for, let us know! Email us at we'd love to chat.

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