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How much time did you spend in meetings last month?

Since COVID, I've become an excellent time traveller.

All of a sudden it's Friday, and it feels like I got nothing important done.

With remote work, my days seem to blend together - back-and-forth Slack conversations, meetings (where I'm a fly on the wall), scheduling, and walking the dog.

That doesn't need to be the case. Remote is a wonderful opportunity to tune out the noise and get your most important work done.

It takes discipline, practice, and data.

Start keeping track of how you're spending your time, and you'll start to notice patterns. What gets measured, can be optimized.

This is why we just rolled out advanced reporting - so you can get a better idea of how you're spending your days.

Along with a daily breakdown, you can now drill down by status to see exactly how much time you spent in each work state - up to a year of data.

Identifying these patterns helped me realize that I needed to refocus my energy on finding blocks of time for deep work. I opted out of a few meetings and instead scheduled blocks of focus time, exercise, and education. Since then, work has become much more enjoyable.

Our mission is to help you have your best day at work. We believe that a lightweight tool that breaks down your work states and happiness is a great way to gain insight into your current state of work, and plan to build more tools to give you insights into your day.