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How to Snooze Slack notifications(on Desktop, Web and Mobile app)?

Want to snooze Slack notifications? 

Perhaps, you receive too many notifications from Slack? Getting tired of notifications that show up on your phone or other devices after work hours? Or it could simply be that you were in a meeting and Slack notifications kept buzzing until you manually paused them.

The good thing is, you can actually snooze those untimely Slack notifications. We will not only show you how you can change your notifications but also show you how you can snooze them automatically based on what you are doing.

Bonus: We have some advanced Slack snooze notification tips at the bottom for you that’ll change your Slack life forever!

How to Snooze Slack notifications(on Desktop, Web and Mobile)?

If you are on either Slack’s Desktop or web application, follow the steps below to snooze Slack notifications. 

Step 1: Head over to the top left corner where you can see your Slack workspace. For example, the Slack workspace for us here is “teamsport”. 


Step 2: Click on your workspace and it will open up a menu where you can see a bunch of options like Pause notifications, View your profile, Preferences, etc.  

Step 3: Depending on what duration you would like to snooze these notifications for (e.g. 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc), select a time that’s listed within the menu or you can select a custom range.

Now that was all about how to snooze Slack notifications on Desktop or Web, but before we get into how to do it for mobile - here’s how to do it like a Slack pro:

Snooze Slack Notifications like a Pro

Often snoozing and resume notifications in itself would seem like too much work. Also, there are situations at work where you would like to snooze notifications and would want to give context to your team members for the snoozed notifications too. 

There’s a way to integrate your calendar, your office working hours, and when you are in deep work with snoozed Slack notifications.

Here’s how you can automate and snooze Slack notifications like a pro:

First, go to holopod.com and sign up with your Slack.

Second, go to app.holopod.com to set up your office hours and integrate your calendar

Third, check “Enable DnD” in front of all statuses that you automatically want to snooze Slack notifications for when they are enabled. 

Snoozing Slack Notifications on Mobile app

Steps are almost the same for snoozing notifications over the mobile app too. Except, you first have to swipe right to bring this menu up where you can see “Do not Disturb” as marked in the image below.

The rest of the steps are pretty much the same as what we have for Slack’s Desktop or Web app.