Slack @here vs @channel - What's the difference?

Slack @here vs @Channel - What’s the difference?

@Channel is used to alert everyone that’s a part of the channel. @here, on the other hand, is used to alert only those users that are online at the moment. 

@here is often overused 

While most people think that @here is a much better replacement of @channel - @here does have its own issues to combat.

Over the last few years, @here has evolved as a tag that is being used differently than it is perceived. Commonly those who use it think that they are alerting users that are here (often assumed to be free) and those who receive this alert feel that they are being asked to work up something urgently.

Which still won’t look like a big issue till you start considering:

  1. People that you just alerted might already be busy with other tasks at hand
  2. They are in a flow trying to solve difficult problems 
  3. Is that notification really asynchronous? 

@here and @channel - their real use

We advise you to use them only and only when it is an emergency situation. Using @here or @channel only justifies if you want absolutely everyone in the channel to know about it.