New from Holopod: Queue messages on Slack

Stop interruptions without avoiding conversations

Our goal at Holopod is to help teams be more productive & connected on Slack. We started by helping individuals stay focused through automated status updates - which is pretty cool, but misses a big step.

What should I do if I want to talk to a team member, but she's in the flow?

The current options are to interrupt or to wait for her status to change.

Not ideal.

To solve this problem, we've introduced Holopod smart messaging.

Smart messaging is pretty simple.

If you notice your teammate is in the flow (and it's not urgent), just queue up a note using /message. It will be delivered when they're next available. People like it because it allows them to read and respond to messages when they're in that work state - it's more respectful of their time.

If you'd prefer to hook up for a synchronous conversation, use the /notify command and Holopod will send a message that person is next available. This saves teams from the dreaded - can you talk now? Are you there? Hello?

Teams using smart messages can get more work done, while having more efficient conversations throughout the day. We think it'll fit nicely into your team workflow.

It's live for all existing users, and if you'd like a demo please ping us on Slack or schedule a video call here.