Office hours on Slack - setting boundaries when working remote

Oh no.

Your manager just sent out a Slack message at 6:45pm, to your team channel. 

You’ve just checked out after a productive day, but the notification pops up on your phone while you’re making dinner.

Sandy just responded to the thread. Tim too. 

What do you do? 

When working remotely, the lines between work and personal time blur. 

When you’re 4 steps away from your computer, and a reach into your pocket away from your phone - it’s easier than ever to work late nights and long hours. 

It’s also not productive. Downtime is essential for your best work, and setting a clear boundary between work time and personal time is necessary to succeed while working remotely. The problem is exacerbated when your team has different work schedules, or even worse is spread across multiple timezones. 

When a manager sends that Slack message, are you expected to respond? 

Setting clear expectations for how your team operates is essential to building an effective remote team. 

Our latest feature aims to solve that. We’re excited to introduce Office Hours. It aims to help teams: 

  • Set boundaries between work and personal time
  • Set expectations for response times
  • Protect “downtime” for teammates 
  • Provide context to help teams work better together

Office hours allows you to pre-set your work schedule, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It’s simple, but powerful. 

Working hours on Slack
Set your working hours.

When you’re online and working, nothing will change. 

When you’re offline, your Slack status will automatically update, letting your team know that you’ve checked out for the day (or weekend), and when you’re next expected to be back online. You can customize the displayed emoji.

We believe that by setting clear boundaries and expectations around work hours, teams will be more efficient. 

Office hours works great for flexible teams.

Taking this Friday off? Simply update your office hours and your team will know.

Working part-time for a month? Update your office hours.

Get started with office hours

To enable office hours, visit your holopod account.

To learn more about how the feature works, check out the help doc.