Automatically manage Do Not Disturb on Slack

In a past life, I sold expensive software. In the middle of showing what would have been my largest client to date our most exciting feature, I was rudely interrupted by a notification that popped up on my screen.


Hey man, good luck with the demo today! Close the deal!"

I pretended to ignore it, but it did not go unnoticed by the other 4 people on the call. I stumbled on my words, forgot my train of thought, and ultimately we lost the customer.

This was not the first time I've been distracted on a video call.

It's harder than ever to stay focused

Most modern communication is done via video or audio call. I'd never check my phone during an in-person meeting, but have no issue jumping into Slack when I'm on a call with someone else. It is incredibly easy to get distracted.

That's a problem I struggle with daily, and it manifests itself in all aspects of my work.

One question can pull me out of what I set out to get done, and I often end days with nothing concrete to show after 10 hours at a screen and an unchanged to-do list. According to Harvard, it takes over 28 minutes to recover from an interruption. 16 interruptions is essentially your whole work day.

How many times were you interrupted today?

At Holopod, we want to help people get their best work done.

Most people's best work is uninterrupted deep work.

In order to get deep work done, you need to focus. Holopod smart messaging allows your team to queue up messages to be delivered at more convenient times - which is very powerful if your whole team is onboard, but takes some time to adopt.

Along with smart messaging, we've just rolled out a new Holopod feature: Automatic do not disturb, based on your Slack status.

Now you can pause notifications automatically when you're on a call, in the flow, or in a meeting. We hope this helps you get your best work done, without feeling guilty about shutting down Slack or not responding to a message.

Enable Do Not Disturb

Login to Holopod, and navigate to "Slack DND" on the dashboard. You will need to re-authenticate to enable management of Slack DnD.

Take 3 deep breaths. Get back to work.

It's that simple!