How to set and automate your Slack out of Office status?

Going away on a vacation and want to set up Slack out-of-office? But to truly disconnect yourself from work during your vacation you need to make sure Slack notifications don’t pop-up. You can always set your status manually.

But, what about situations where you are unsure of how long you’ll be away from work?

Or, when you are simply going to be OOO (out of office) and already have scheduled it on your calendar. 

Let’s see how you can do all of that using Slack. 

First, let’s go the Slack way - Manually setting up Slack for out of office. 

How to set Slack for out of office status manually?

To set up out of office messages on Slack manually, go to your Workspace.

Next from the menu, go to Pause Notifications and then click on Custom...

Once you click, you’ll see a modal that allows you to select the date until which you wish to pause your notifications. 

Once you select a date and time, you won’t get any notifications till you’re back.

This works fairly well for two scenarios:

  1. When you are taking one single vacation 
  2. When the vacation is too long

Now, consider this:

  1. What if you were going to have a series of time off from work (e.g. 21-22nd, 26th-28th, etc)
  2. What if you work with a global team where public holidays aren’t the same?
  3. Also, does snoozed notifications give any context to why you are away or when you’ll be back?
  4. Often you’ll forget to set it up, causing confusion and possibly frustration too

That’s where Holopod makes a difference. 

Manage Out of Office and Vacation Notifications on Slack with Holopod

See, we believe this entire process should be much simpler. And, a lot of this should be smart and automated. 

Using Holopod, you can:

  1. Set your vacation time and schedule it in advance 
  2. Integrate your calendar with Holopod and we will automatically snooze your notifications when you are out of office.

First step towards automating your out of office status on Slack is to sign up for Holopod (it’s free!). 

Second - Go to > Calendars. Add your vacation dates and Holopod will take care of the rest. 


But, if you want to manage your calendar or if you wish to import OOO events from your Calendar simply click on 

Now, depending upon your settings Holopod will automatically trigger certain statuses upon detecting certain keywords in your event titles.

Instead of that snoozed notifications, your team members can now see something like this

You can always customize and choose what you display as your Slack status with Holopod. 

So, go ahead and try and let us know what you think.