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How to mute slack channels?

Everyone’s relationship with Slack is pretty much of love and hate. 

That, while Slack is our lifeline and we all live a big part of our day here. 

But those notifications that keep on popping! They make you feel interrupted and anxious. You no longer can focus and keep working on what you wanted to do. 

You are on the edge and you might just cut the cord now! 

But hold on to that thought - you can mute slack channels. 

That’s why with this blog post, I’ll show you how to mute Slack channels and achieve deep focus with Slack. 

How to mute Slack channels? 

You can mute slack channel notifications by:

  1. Snoozing slack notifications
  2. Mute a specific channel 

Mute notifications from all slack channels 

To do that, go to your workspace menu and select the DND schedule that you want to keep.

If you need an in-depth tutorial on the subject follow this link on how to snooze notifications on Slack. But, doing so will mute all slack notifications as it is not just limited to channels, but mutes every other notification like that of private messages, app notifications, etc. 

That’s why you need to selectively mute slack channels. 

Let’s see how you can mute do it.  

Mute Slack channels - easy version 

To mute a channel, go to a specific channel and right-click on it to open a menu like this 

Once you click on mute you won’t be bothered by any notifications from that channel. 

But what if you still wish to be notified when:

  1. A post on the channel has a keyword of interest 
  2. When someone mentions you in the channel

To do so, go to your Slack workspace menu and then click on preferences.

Once there, you will notice an option to add keywords. Add keywords that you would like to trigger notifications for when they are present in a Slack post or message. 

Once you set up these, you should be all set to create a distraction-free Slack workspace. 

You may also want to check out Holopod. We help you create distraction-free Slack workspace to help you work productively.