How to integrate your calendar with Slack? [Google, Outlook, etc]

How to integrate your calendar with Slack?

Integrating Calendar and Slack can mean a true revolution for your team culture. 

Imagine if your Slack workspace could tell if you were busy in meetings, show if you are Out of office (OOO), etc. 

For those who work remotely, it becomes even more important to see what you’re up to. Shared calendars are helpful, but often switching between Slack and Chrome could become too much of a work. 

We got a better and simple solution for you - Holopod’s Smart Slack Calendar integration. 

Integrating Calendar with Slack (Google, Outlook, etc)

Go to and click on signup


Once you sign-up, you will be taken to our platform. 

Click on “Calendars” and you would find an option to connect your calendar. 

Once you click on “Connect Calendar” it will ask you for permissions. We care about your privacy and don’t keep any data. 

Once you click on sign-up, you will be taken back to the application where now you can see three different Calendar integrations: 

  1. Integrate public holidays from your region 
  2. Integrate your calendar events with your Slack 
  3. Import your contacts and integrate it with Slack

As soon as you do it, expect our Smart Slack-Calendar integration to provide highly contextual slack status updates like these 

Amazing isn’t it? 

Try out this feature by signing up at and let us know what you liked/disliked about it.