How to add a custom Slack emoji?

Custom emojis on Slack are so important! 

I recently came across this post on Reddit which shows the importance in a bit more detail. 

While the company already was a paid Office 365 member, they were reluctant to shift from a free version of Slack. This feature request on UserVoice has now over 9,000 votes. 

Crazy to think such a tiny feature would lead to a mutiny? 

To someone who doesn’t know just how big the problem really is - custom Slack emojis aren’t just used for “fun”, but they are also extremely useful for things like bug reports. I have often seen dev teams create a #bug-report channel where when they see a new related post show up, they flag it with bugs or non-bug emojis to acknowledge those bugs. 

That’s how modern-day pro Slackers are using custom emojis on Slack. From point-out stories to creating custom employee emojis - they are almost a language now. 

But, how do you create a custom Slack emoji?

How to add a custom Slack emoji

To add a custom emoji, head over to your Slack menu by clicking on the top left corner where you see your Workplace’s name. 

The menu should look something like this:

Once you are there click on “Settings and Administration”. The name of our test Slack workspace is teamsport, so we see “Customize teamsport” here. That’s our next step.

When we click on “Customize teamsport” it opens a new window. Here’s what it should look like:

If you can see in the image above there’s this green colored button that says “add custom emoji”. 

Click on the upload image to upload your new emoji and give that emoji a name. 

Once you are done click on the “save” button. And you should see your emoji added to the list of custom emojis.

Great! You now have your first custom Slack emoji up. 

But how do you use it? 

Well, you can always go to your emoji button on Slack, find it and use it. 

Or, you can actually type :youremojiname: and use it in text. For example, in our case the custom emoji we added to testsport workspace was :holopod:, so whenever we start typing :holo…” our custom emoji shows up in suggestions like this 

That’s a pretty fast and cool way to start using your custom emojis on Slack. 

You can have so much more fun with emojis. For example, try something like this - every Friday evening add this custom emoji to show up on #general (or #random or #party)

That’s pretty much it for the blog post, but before you leave try out Holopod’s automatic slack updates. You’ll thank us later - and it’s free!