How Do I Add Slack Strikethrough on Slack?

How do I add a strikethrough on Slack? 

When writing a slack message (or a post) we all try to be our best and write with perfection.

But, mistakes happen. And, you need to edit your message.

Slack strikethroughs are a good way to communicate changes post an edit without publicly shouting them.

If you are looking for a shortcut to the question, here’s a short answer. 

How do you strikethrough on Slack?

  1. Option #1 - Cover text you want to strikethrough with ~. E.g. ~strikethrough~
  2. Option #2 - Select text and press CMD/Ctrl + Shift + X
  3. Option #3 - Use the formatting button on Slack

For more detailed steps on how to use these Slack strikethrough options, follow these tutorials below. 

Slack strikethrough with tilde 

Imagine that you posted this Slack message to your #general  

But you just realized that you made a mistake here. You wrote the wrong amount for acquisition of PrimaDrive. 

Let’s correct it. 

Click on edit message and place tilde(“~”) at the front and back of the text as shown in the image below 

Once you place tilde around the text,  ~$1.7M~ would instantly change to $1.7M 

And you can now add the right amount next to it. 

Now simply press enter and you should be good to go. 

Using CMD/Ctrl + Shift + X to add strikethrough on Slack (keyboard shortcuts)

To apply strikethrough using keyboard you need to select the text you want to strikethrough first and then depending on:

  1. If you are on Mac press CMD + Shift + X
  2. If you are on PC/Linux press  Ctrl + Shift + X

And that’s all it takes to add a strikethrough with hotkeys. 

But if you do not wish to use your keyboard and simply want to do everything using your mouse, you’ve got the third option. 

Adding Slack strikethrough using Slack formatting button

Let’s go back to this image 

You would notice that at the bottom of the Slack editor screen you can actually see formatting options. Let me zoom in a bit so that you can see better. 

You can see an option at the middle that looks like “S”, it is strikethrough button. It normally remains inactive till you select a text. 

So, we will now go ahead and select “$1.7M” using our mouse. Notice that the option to strikethrough is now active on Slack.

All you have to do now is to click on it and you should be done. 

While these options make our lives easier you should always remember Slack etiquette #12  - Review and edit your messages before sending!