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Holopod Vs Clockwise: Comparison of features in 2021

Tools like Holopod and Clockwise are revolutionizing how people work remotely. And in this blog post, we are going to look into features of Holopod vs Clockwise so that you can see which one fits your remote team’s needs better. Better yet, how you can use both products simultaneously.

Holopod Vs Clockwise Features 

Holopod features 

Automatic do not disturb 

Imagine this, you are out of office and you get a Slack message that tells you that there is something not so urgent - your brain is now stuck to the message, taking away your attention from why you were out of office to “How do I get X done”. 

Holopod’s automatic do not disturb helps you turn off Slack notifications when you are:

  • away from work
  • out of office 
  • on a vacation
  • In a focus time session 

You can also set custom do not disturb for events that you feel you should not be disturbed by whether Slack messages or notifications. 

Focus time 

Want to really focus on a task? We can help you focus a lot more with our customized focus time setting option. When in focus mode, your Slack status will automatically update to reflect focus time, your slack notifications (including @mentions, @channel mentions, etc) will start behaving as per the rules you set for focus time sessions. 

Daily reports 

Wonder how productive your team is? You can use Holopod’s daily reports to see how your team and you have worked. You can access daily reports by email, Holopod’s Slack messages and also by visiting the Holopod dashboard. 

These reports will help you understand how you can improve your own or your team’s daily performance. This feature enables you to see how much time was spent on meetings, how much was actually in focus time, etc. Those insights are pretty helpful for COOs, HRs, Managers and executives in unlocking their team’s real potential and removing unknown productivity blockers. 

Rate your days 

With your team being able to rate their days, you and your team can go a step further during your retrospective to see what days were most productive and be able to plan with higher certainty.

Automatic status updates 

You Slack statuses can say a lot more with Holopod, and you don’t have to set them up manually. With Holopod, you can easily set up Slack statuses to reflect what you are working on. Holopod can take input from three different sources to automatically update your Slack statues:

  • Based on application being used
  • Based on calendar 
  • Your own, custom set single or recurring events 

To update your status based on an application that you are using, Holopod will detect such applications and your status on them to reflect the same as your slack status update. For example, if you are calling your prospects and using a Dialer and your app is added in the application directory, your Slack status will be automatically updated to “Calling prospects”.  

To update your Slack status using your calendar, it has the ability to access your Google or Outlook calendars. Based on the timestamp Holopod can smartly update your Slack status to reflect what meeting you are in, how long will the meeting last, etc. To exercise greater control over what you may want to display for certain calendar events (or all calendar events), you can go to your Holopod Dashboard and add what you would like to show instead.

Schedule messages 

Want to send someone a message, but you don’t want them to be disturbed right now? Maybe your team is working in multiple time zones and it isn’t their work hours. If they have notifications snoozed off, they are most likely going to get other messages and your priority messages might be lost in the noise. That’s why we have a solution. 

With Holopod’s message scheduling feature, you can schedule a message to be sent on:

  • A channel 
  • A specific person’s private message
  • Group message
  • Or to multiple team members private chat

And the best part is that you don’t even have to worry about the timezones at all either. Holopod knows their work hours, and automatically takes care of that part for you!

Custom status updates 

With Holopod, you can create a list of your custom statuses e.g. “In a design sprint”, “Working on client X”, etc and use them by either using Holopod’s web app or the Mac app.

Team default status

Lets say your team is working on providing support and is usually pretty busy with only a few exceptions. Slack isn’t smart enough on its own to understand that and behave based on it. But, you can set default team statuses that remain constant unless they are changed manually. 

Calendar integration

Holopod can integrate really well with both Google and Outlook calendars to help you design your workspace for your team’s productivity and culture.

Automatic call detection 

Ever had a situation where you were on a call, perhaps a Zoom meeting doing a client presentation and you just received those four messages on Slack. The messages read “Hey Ethan, can you quickly send me that excel sheet?”

You see “quickly” and you were forced to write back “Hey Stacy, I’m in a meeting, is it fine if I send it to you after an hour?”

Your client meeting didn’t go as well. But, you can change that with Holopod! Because we can see what applications you are using, we know if you are using an application that people use for meetings/calls and we update your status to reflect that you are on a call. 

Clockwise features 

Schedule optimization

Clockwise uses an algorithmic based calendar optimization feature that automatically suggests and schedules events to provide you with a large amount of time interval that is free from events. 

Focus time 

Clockwise defines focus time as 2 hours of continuous time that is available for you to work. And, when Focus time sync is enabled Clockwise will try to block 2 hours of continuous work for you, once you achieve this goal, Clockwise’s Focus time feature will be automatically disabled for the day. 

Team features 

Once you create a team in Clockwise, you can access the following team features within it: 

  1. Team availability calendars 
  2. Team’s no meeting day
  3. And Team specific analytics 

Calendar assistance 

Similar to how Holopod works, enabling calendar integration allows you to set automated do not disturb, smart notifications, etc on your Slack workspace. 

Integration features 

Clockwise comes with integrations like Google Calendar, Outlook calendar enable Clockwise’s automated features, and it’s Zoom integrations automatically places a Zoom link in each and every meeting event you create inside of it’s calendar. 

Using Holopod and Clockwise together

If you want Clockwise's automatic rescheduling features, but still want to use Holopod to manage your status - it's easy. Simply sync your Clockwise Calendar with Holopod, and we'll take care of the rest!