Holopod July updates

As more companies announce their plans to stay remote for the foreseeable future, we've been writing code as fast as we can to make your work day better. If you missed the last update (custom statuses, GCal integration, and optional publishing to Slack) you can find it here.

Thanks to all that filled out the customer survey. If you haven't yet, we'd appreciate it! We'll be following up shortly with gift card winners.

Anyways, here's what we've been up to at Holopod.

Outlook calendar integration

With remote work, sticking to a schedule becomes even more important as the lines blur between work and personal time.

Our Google Calendar integration is super popular, and we wanted to extend that functionality to Office365 users.

Holopod for Outlook not only updates your status when you're in meeting, but allows you to program your calendar to trigger a status.

For example, if you put Focus in your event - Holopod will trigger your "heads down" status and turn on Do Not Disturb. Teams are using the feature for many statuses like collaboration time, lunch, picking up the kids, and coffee break.

To set up a custom status rule, go to the calendars page in Holopod and set up your own status rules.

Try Holopod for Outlook

Update your status with Slack shortcuts

Have you noticed that little lightning bolt in your Slack text box?

That's a shortcut.

We've added Holopod to Slack shortcuts to make it easy for you to set and clear your status. This is especially useful for setting a status on mobile.

Just click the lightning bolt, find Holopod, and click "set my status."

Back-to-back meetings

By popular demand, we've added more data to your status so that people not only know when your current meeting ends - but when you'll next be available.

Updated Mac app

We're continually making updates to the Holopod Mac app to ensure stability and improve functionality. Please update to the latest version.