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Holopod for Mac 1.0

At long last, we've released a new version of Holopod for Mac.

In fact, we've finally deemed this version worthy of being called version 1.0.

Along with a brand new design with light and dark mode, we've added lots of functionality.


  • Application-driven automatic status updates are now optional
  • Choose to get a desktop notification when your status changes
  • Easily set and clear manual statuses
  • Click preferences in your Mac App to download, or go to this page

Enable/disable application-driven status updates

This is the most major functional change to the app. Application-driven updates are auto-detected when a user is in a specific work state based on their active applications. For example if you're on a Zoom call that isn't scheduled - Holopod can detect that and update your status to "on a call."

Likewise, you can map specific applications to auto-update your status to "Focusing" (such as Excel, Figma, or Github).

With this new version, you can choose whether to enable application-driven updates. We've done this for a few reasons.

  1. For individuals whose days are primarily calendar driven, the auto-detection may be less useful.
  2. We want to give people full control of their privacy - you should be able to use the app how you prefer. Some people love the added functionality and granularity of application-driven status updates, some won't find them necessary to get the value from Holopod.

Note - this feature will be default off when you install the new app. To enable application-driven status updates, click "preferences."

For more details on how to get the most out of this functionality, click here.

Desktop notifications

Get a desktop notification when your status changes.

Easier manual statuses

Set your status manually, without opening Slack. Manual statuses allow you to set a status based on your current work state (like focused, out for lunch, or in a meeting). You can set it for a specified time (eg. 25 minutes), or have it persist until you change it.

One cool use case for manual statuses is when you're working outside of your office hours. You can simply set a manual status, which will override your office hours while it's set. Clear that status and you'll go back to Outside of Office Hours.

Faster status resetting

Simply click the "X" to reset your status to the default state (available). This also allows you to clear out a calendar driven status if your meeting or event ends early.

Update to Holopod 1.0

Open your Mac App preferences and click "check for updates." Notifications will automatically be switched on, and application-driven status updates off. You can choose your preferences in the preferences screen.

If you don't currently have the Mac app installed, you can download it here.