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Custom statuses, smart calendar, and office hours on Slack

That weird feeling of panic when your boss posts a classic “have we thought about this?” at 7pm. Your coworker just responded. What do you do? 

You're on a roll in sales call when that dreaded "DING" completely throws you off your game. 

You've worked with Josie for 3 months, yet have never had a 1-on-1 conversation. You haven't talked to anyone on your team in 3 days, and are feeling disconnected. 

There are so many challenges when it comes to remote work, especially as we accelerate towards that future faster than ever. 

Our goal at Holopod is to make everyone’s (remote) work day better.

We want you to get your best work done, connect with your team, and feel energized for the next day.

Our latest features are designed to help remote workers better focus, stay connected, and set boundaries.

Status Triggers 

By default, all status changes will trigger a status update in Slack.

We’ve added the ability to customize this. Now, you can choose whether a specific status publishes to Slack. Even if you don’t publish, you’ll still get a breakdown in your daily report. You can also still choose to turn on DnD without a status update. 

Custom statuses

Beyond fully customizable default statuses, we’ve added the ability to add your own custom statuses. These can be triggered manually in the desktop app or based on a calendar event. 

Add a custom status , and make sure to update the desktop app

Some examples of custom statuses include: 

  • 15 minute coffee break
  • Eating lunch 
  • At the Gym 
  • Open to collaboration 

The goal here is to help teams build culture using their statuses, create more scheduled focused time, and allow for more unscheduled collaboration time.

Smart Calendar 

Holopod automatically updates your status and turns on Do Not Disturb when you’re in a meeting. Which is great. We took it 10 steps further. 

We've just launched the ability program your calendar to trigger custom statuses

For example, if you put Focus in your event - Holopod can trigger your "in the flow" status and turn off notifications. Other examples include open to collaboration, coffee break, and happy hour

This is the building block for creating a better remote culture. We're going to be sharing best practices on how remote teams build culture - watch for some new resources soon. 

Office hours

Setting clear expectations for how your team operates is essential to building an effective remote team. Office Hours aims to help teams: 

  • Set boundaries between work and personal time
  • Set expectations for response times
  • Protect “downtime” for teammates 
  • Provide context to help teams work better together

You can update your office hours every week - if you’re taking a Friday off, or starting later a certain day. You can also set your vacation time! 

Office hours allows you to let your team know when you’re offline, when you’re next expected to be back, and turns on Do Not Disturb. 

Learn more about office hours

View the help doc here

Updated Mac app

Besides our slick new icon, we've updated the Mac app to be more stable (and to support custom statuses). 

You'll need to update the app to access the new features. Click "preferences" in your Mac app and "update." 

Please note - you'll need to login and give permissions to Chrome again (sorry!) just for this update. Please reply to this email if you have any issues. 

Here's how to do so


Up next is improved analytics, updating your status on mobile, and an aggregate team view. We’re driven by user feedback, and are obsessed with making your work day better.

If you love, hate or are simply indifferent about Holopod, we’d love to hear from - just reply to this email or schedule a call!