13 Slack bots for businesses to 10x your productivity

Setting up your processes, getting your team to follow them and perfecting everything you can imagine on Slack can only do so much. But to get the best out of your Slack setup here are top 13 Slack bots that you should checkout today!

With the world going remote in 2020, it is now more important than ever to use these apps. They really make working with Slack painless and joyfull for your teams. 

Top 13 Slack Bots For Businesses 


Holopod is the ultimate Slack bot for teams that operate remotely. It turns your Slack into remote management system by:

  1. Automatically updating your Slack status 
  2. Using smart calendar to manage and schedule your meetings out-of-office times and your office hours 
  3. Snooze notifications for focus mode

Currently available for Mac, Holopod enables your team to focus more, provide higher visibility into what they are working on and get insights into how they work. 


Nikabot helps you keep track of what your team is working on so you don’t have to ask them. Once integrated with your team’s Slack, it helps you with:

  1. Daily reports of work done based on person, time and project 
  2. Logging of daily work in seconds - directly from Slack
  3. Assisted timesheet fillup for your teams 

When integrated with Slack, Nikabot asks your team members a question daily “What did you work on today?”. Your answers to that question are then transformed into Gantt charts and project reports that you can either use internally or share with your clients to bill them.


Workbot is a no-code enterprise platform that allows you to manage your workflows, automate chatops, connect support, and connect sales and marketing. It allows you to do all that from Slack. 

You can further connect apps that are a part of your workflow with Workbot like Okta, Salesforce, Workday, etc.   


Paperbot turns content shared within your Slack workspace into easy to consume information. Once you add Paperbot to your Slack, invite it to your channels and opt in - it automatically tags + categorizes links shared within your Slack channels. This information will then be emailed to you in the form of an email digest. 

Any information processed and categorized by Paperbot can also be found in their beautiful web app that has a rich search and can work based on date, name, keyword or even a channel. 


Statsbot fuels product analytics to help users gain more insights about data stored in modern data warehouses. With Statsbot’s Slackbot, you can:

  1. Connect Google Analytics to your Slack 
  2. Use natural language to ask questions and get answers 
  3. Get instant notifications for events 


Ever felt like you need to be extra secure about files and links shared within your Slack workspace? If yes, then Dbot is just what your Slack workspace needs to remain secure. 

Slack bots are extremely helpful, but they, at the same time can also be a source of security breaches! Imagine subscribing to a competitor’s content feed with a regex match and receiving a malicious link that everyone would trust and click on. Dbot solves it by:

  1. File security scans 
  2. IP and URL security scans
  3. Private keys to manage threats

And just like that, you never have to worry about securing your Slack workspace from malicious links ever again. 


Tired of scheduling meetings with your remote team? Geekbot helps you schedule asynchronous standup meetings right from your Slack workspace. Some features of Geekbot’s meeting scheduling features involve: 

  1. Creating custom questions for your standup 
  2. Personalize them to each team member and based on their timezones 
  3. Automate feedbacks, retrospective, employee surveys or even random questions 


Growbot helps Slack users provide feedback to others. It lets you send pros, thanks, kudos, etc to your team members using Slack. You can use Grow’s templates to deliver high quality feedback in 1.8 minutes, which helps your team connect and builds trust. 

You can collect and track your feedback. You can use insights and analytics provided by Growbot to work through your performance reviews.  


Office birthdays and anniversaries are special. It is very important that such special occasions don’t go unnoticed and your team members are in the loop. But they are hard to keep track of as well. Birthdaybot makes it simple for everyone to be in the loop when it comes to Birthdays or anniversaries. 

Here’s what you can do with Birthdaybot: 

  1. Reward your employees or team members with gift cards 
  2. Reminded when it’s a birthday or an anniversary 
  3. See these events on a calendar of your choice (Google Calendar, Outlook)
  4. User wishlists 


A digital assistant for marketing and sales teams - Growthbot helps marketing managers, sales teams and entrepreneurs with notifications and intelligent workflows. Growthbot has a range of features that helps you accomplish a lot more, features like:

  1. Getting all your tools integrated with your Slack workspace
  2. Cut the noise, focus and convert biggest opportunities available 
  3. Get answers to questions like “What software does XYZ, Inc use?”
  4. Get notified on new leads


Timebot is your Slackbot that replaces your traditional leave tracking software. It allows managers to approve requests and setup teams directly from their Slack workspace. You can view time-off history, see who is out of office, schedule slack messages and set working hours - all from your Slack. 


AttendanceBot is similar to TimeBot and tracks sick days, vacations, manages your PTO and even work from home days. In addition to leave tracking, it also tracks your team’s time, making it extremely easy to work with remote teams. 

Here are some features of AttendanceBot that you should check out: 

  1. Calendar management - Holidays, Out of office, Google/Outlook/iCloud calendar integration 
  2. Reports - Time spent per project / client, Excel/CSV reports, break times, etc
  3. Employee management - Payroll, timesheet, Leave management, Quickbook integration
  4. Notifications - Reminders, alerts, announcements 


Ever felt like your team members don’t know each other? This can be the case if your team is completely remote and people never met each other in person. Donut is your solution! 

Using Donut, you can create virtual team lunches, donut meetings, introduce new team members to each other, create peer mentor programs and execute them successfully! 

On top of that, you can onboard new hires and make them feel home instantly. 

If you haven’t already, click here to sign up on Holopod.com and make your Slack workspace more collaborative and distraction free.