Our vision is to help every team design their ideal (distributed) work day.

We believe in remote

With the rapid acceleration to remote work, we have an opportunity to rewrite the antiquated rules of the 9-5 that have persisted for hundreds of years.

We no longer need the rush hour commute, lunch at noon, happy hour at five lifestyle. We can completely redesign the standard work day.

What does your ideal day look like?

For me (James), it's waking up without an alarm. Having a coffee. Walking the dog.

Focusing on my most important work for 3 hours. Going for a bike ride at lunch.

Meeting with my team and collaborating in the afternoon.

Taking off early some Fridays and catching up late Sunday night.

But that's just me.

Everyone is different.

Our goal is to help every individual design their ideal day at work.

With that, we can help teams create more productive cultures, happier teams, and more successful companies.

Our best work is

In the flow
Those mornings with a fresh cup of coffee before your kids wake up, calmly writing your best code. Those distraction-free hours when you switch off your phone, look out the window, and spend 5 minutes thinking of the perfect adjective. Focus leads to quality. We want to empower people to focus on the work and ignore the noise.

The internet is a pretty cool thing. It’s opened up a world where a Polish engineer can talk to a Thai designer about our app that is used by thousands of Germans. It makes no sense to have an office when there is incredible talent globally. We believe in flexible work – whatever it takes to do your best work. Flexibility means location, and hours are individual.

It’s easy to forget that there are real humans behind the text. Our users are more than Google Analytics data, and our team mood is more than an emoji. We default to video over text (for those frivolous conversations), and don’t check our email when we’re on a call.

We aim to be present in all our work, and remember why we’re doing it.

Our core values

Not to get philosophical, but life is an eternal struggle to stay in balance. We want to ship quality code, but we want to get it out fast. We want to spend that month on the beach in Mexico, but realize that we might feel better about it if we wake up at 6am and answer support emails while there. We want to ride our bikes for hours, but should probably get back to make lunch for our kids. We will forever respect the process of finding the right balance – for our users, our team, and ourselves.

We respect our customers. We don’t forget that real people are using our stuff. We respect our users’ privacy. We respect their time. We respect their concerns. We don’t overpromise and underdeliver. We’ll always be open with what’s happening, and when we mess up.

We respect our work. We’re not in this to make a quick buck – we want to build a company we’re proud of.

We respect our team. We want to work with people we like spending time with, and help them build their best lives. The work should unlock the freedom to do what makes us most happy.

A note from the founder

I built Holopod to solve the challenges I've had building a remote team for 5 years.

Our story
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