Automatically update your Slack status.

We care about your privacy.

Helping great teams stay focused

No more interruptions when you're doing deep work.

Whether it’s writing code, writing a document, or closing a deal - focus is critical.

Holopod automatically lets your team know your status, so they don't interrupt you when you're doing your best work.

Statuses are fully customizable, and can even snooze your notifications with Do Not Disturb.

Be status aware.

Should I send this message? What time is it in Poland? Are they in the middle of something?

Context matters, no matter your location.

With the whole team using Holopod, you'll know when to send that message or jump on a video call.

Queue messages to get delivered at the right time.

Instead of interrupting your teammates flow, hit /message to queue up a message to be delivered at the right time.

Need to jump on a Zoom call? Get notified when your teammate is next free with /notify.

Personal productivity reports

Get a daily breakdown of how you spent your time directly in Slack, so you can optimize for work states that make you feel good.

Questions? We've got answers.

What is your privacy policy?
It's 2019 - we take privacy very seriously. Simply put, our Mac application knows if you're using a whitelisted application or website, and how long you're using that application for. That's it.

You fully manage the list of applications. We also publish all your status updates in your history, so you have full transparency into any data we are re collecting. We don't do anything with the data, besides send you a daily report of where you're spending your time.

Please view our privacy policy here.
What data do you store?
Only your status will be shared with your team via Slack.

We do not share individual applications you use with your team or anyone else.

‍We store your status history for you to view in your daily report.

If you ever want your data cleared, just email us at

What permissions do you need?
Our Mac application only requires the ability pull a URL from Chrome or Safari to determine whether you are on a call or in the flow. Only applications listed on Holopod are analyzed, we do not record or submit URLs from any site to Holopod.

In Slack, we ask for permissions to post messages to you and view information on channels.
How much does this cost?
At the moment Holopod is free to use for our early customers.

We do plan to charge eventually based on the value we provide and to ensure the service is sustainable. It won't be expensive and won't be a surprise. Early adopters will get a very good deal on the product.
Can I request something?
If we don't have something you were looking for, let us know! Email us at We'd love to chat.

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