Your remote office just got way more productive.

Take back control of your day with automatic status updates, directly in Slack.

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Helping Remote teams Work better

No more interruptions when you're doing deep work.

Whether it’s writing code, writing a document, or closing a deal - focus is critical.

Holopod automatically lets your team know your status on Slack, so they don't interrupt you when you're doing your best work.

Statuses are fully customizable, and can even snooze your notifications with Do Not Disturb.

Be status aware.

Should I send this message? What time is it in Poland? Are they in the middle of something?

Context matters, no matter your location.

With the whole team using Holopod, you'll know when to send that message or jump on a video call.

Focus on your best work.

Get a daily breakdown of how you spent your time yesterday, so you can optimize for work states that make you feel good.

Make remote work for you.

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