Take back control of your remote work day.

Automatically update your Slack status to turn down the noise and get your best work done.

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Helping Remote teams Work better

Design your ideal day with smart calendar.

What makes a work day great for you?

Deliberately plan uninterrupted blocks of focus time, collaboration time, and self-care to make sure every day is your most productive. Your status will automatically change based on your plan for the day.

Get your best work done without any FOMO.

Block the noise without losing connectivity.

Whether it’s writing code, writing a document, or closing a deal - focus is critical.

Holopod lets you plan focus time with our smart calendar integration, or automatically detects your work state and lets your team know you're heads down.

Get balance back in your life.

Avoid remote work burnout by setting boundaries with your team.

Need to pick up the kids from school? Hit the gym? Take a coffee break?

Holopod lets you do all that without feeling like you need to constantly check your phone for updates. Start every day feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Optimize for work happiness.

Get a daily report that breaks down how you spend your time, and rate your days to get a clear picture of your work happiness.

Holopod gives you insight into what it takes to get your best work done.

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